Meet Your Conductor

Hey y'all! My name is Amber and I will be your Conductor while you're aboard The Hot Mess Express! I have nearly 30 years of experience, so I can assure you, this ride will continue to be a hilarious adventure!

I'm a quirky, story telling, late-twenty-something, medical mystery, taking it day by day and living the dream with my super smart, ruggedly handsome, husband and our two goofball dogs.

Every day with me is an adventure and you never know what's around the next bend, but you can pretty much bet I'll find a way to laugh about it. I used to believe that laughter is the best medicine...then I literally busted a gut laughing. (Yeah, that actually happened *stay tuned for that story.*) During that adventure I decided that laughter isn't the best medicine. Medicine is the best medicine. Laughter is the best...well...everything. In my world, everything is better with laughter. So I laugh. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. And I make others laugh a lot. And I want to make you, my wonderful passenger who's climbed aboard this crazy train, I want to make you laugh a lot too. The whole point of this blog is to share my crazy stories and, hopefully, help others not feel alone, too afraid, or too embarrassed to talk about (and laugh about) whatever they're going through.

I'm so excited you're here, I can't wait to get started and I'd love to know what you think/what you want to hear about/anything you'd like to share! Let's build a community of togetherness through laughter! Now, without further ado...



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