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What the what?

You may be wondering things like, what is the Hot Mess Express? What is this blog all about? Well, let me tell you... The Hot Mess Express is an imaginary train whose passengers are looking good while struggling to get their sh!t together amidst the crazy, disorganized, drama filled, unpredictable, mess that is their lives. #fail , #seriously? , and #fml are probably their most used hashtags, yet they take it all in stride. Some people jump on the train for a day and others, like me, are frequent riders. As for what this blog is about, well, it's a collection of my life stories, past and present. My journey has been filled with a mountain of medical problems and "is this real life?" moments. My goals for this blog are to have an outlet to share my crazy, bizarre, and unbelievable life stories, make people laugh and feel better about their lives, and if just one person reading this blog feels like they're not alone in their struggle, this blog has been successful.

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